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Ancient wisdom teaches us that the personal energy field acts as a blueprint for health and life experiences. Shamanic healing allows us to access places within our blueprint and make the changes necessary to create for ourselves a life filled with purpose, passion, and vitality.

Healing happens when we choose to take responsibility for our own life's path.

Shamanic energy healing is an ancient form of energy healing found and practiced in cultures around the world. This holistic practice addresses your Body, Mind, Soul, and promotes changes at a core level of being. The practices are centered around building or strengthening the connection within yourself, to nature, and to Source.

About the Energy
Medicine Practitioner

The practitioner, Geetha, is a lineage keeper of Andean shamanic traditions. She has studied with Four Winds Society under the guidance of Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She has a background in general Vedic studies, yoga practices, and a foundation in leading global teams and developing global leaders in the corporate environment.
Geetha, mountainous background
head shot of Geetha
beautiful Shamanic girl playing on a Shaman frame drum

More About Body Mind
Soul Shamanic Healing

All work is done with the client’s permission in a safe and confidential environment. You are never alone on this journey.

How to prepare and what to expect during a healing session:

  • All live, one-on-one 60 to 90-minute sessions will be offered remotely with available technology.
  • Create a private, quiet environment for the session and a comfortable place to lie down.
  • Comfortable attire and a blanket are recommended.
  • Bring the ‘Presenting Issue’ to the session.
  • After a brief discussion, the client will be guided throughout the session by the practitioner, utilizing breathwork techniques and energetic healing modalities.
Exchange for the session is $150.
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